Friday, July 29, 2011

Seraiki Province on the cards

Baber Awan says there is a good news for Seraiki people after Ramazan.
Seraiki sooba is one of the cards like so many other cards played by some of our politicians to blackmail or to do cheap politics. They think that they will gain popularity on creating rifts and prejudice among the people. It is a seperate debate whether there should be a Seraiki province or not or political map of the provinces into smaller units be redrawn or not. But the point to think is that why on some particular occasions such issues are resurfaced and soon die down after achieving some ulterior motives.
It is no doubt that some areas in the provinces or some provinces are under developed and they should be given due attention and their rights . One way to achieve this is making new provinces but it should not be aimed at gaining cheap advantage doing cheap politics .
If Seraiki sooba then why not Hazara sooba and Karachi sooba. Why dual standards Baber Awan Sahib? Are you people are not trying to reduce power of PML(N)  in Punjab by dividing the province into two or just trying to pressurize it after it showed its strong displeasure over non implementation of Supreme court orders by the govt and making mockery of the judgements passed by the apex court.
 Mr. Awan would you like to explain why you got rememberd at this point of time while almost four years have passed that PPP is in power. Why you did not support or spoke in favor of Seraiki Sooba when some other people back in history cried off and on on their deprivation and their rights. You party is in power for so many times what  substantial have you people done to serve the people of  Pakistan except making mockery of judiciary, rule of law and democracy. Please explain.

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