Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Corruption at all time high in Pakistan at Rs 3,000 billion: Transparency International

Transparency International has said that during the last three years of PPP rule, corruption in Pakistan has touched more than Rs3,000 billion only in selected areas.

Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) Advisory Committee chairman Adil Gilani told a national newspaper The News on Tuesday that these corruption figures do not include the loot and plunder of the national wealth in the mega scandals like Pakistan Steel Mills scam, NICL plunder, Haj scandle , rental power plants frauds and many more.

The surveys and studies conducted by the Transparency International Pakistan depicts gradual uptrend in corruption in Pakistan during the last 3 years of PPP rule, he added that this fact could be confirmed from the its ranking in TI Corruption Perception Index. “Conservative figure for last 3 years are more than one trillion rupees/annum with 15-20% annual increase,” Gilani told.

He pointed out that the ranking in corruption in Pakistan during the last three years could be judged from its position sliding down from 47th in 2008 to 42nd in 2009 and 34th most corrupt in the world in 2010.

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