Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fake fertility clinic in Islamabad raided

Police raided a fake fertility clinic in Islamabad on Wednesday and arrested four persons for exploiting childless couples` aspirants to have children and ruining their health due to fake and substandard treatment.

Police were ordered on July 18 to act against Manzoor Hussain for running such a clinic after an inquiry by local authorities found that he had been “extracting money from general public in the name of infertility treatment”. Such practices are common in the country as most of the people are ignorant and enforcement of law is very weak or corrupt.

The police sent a male and female constables posing as a couple to the clinic on Wednesday morning.While Manzoor was briefing the undercover police agents about his hefty fees and expensive course of treatment, a police team under Assistant Commissioner Imran Ali Sultan and Superintendent of Police Capt (retired) Mohammad Ilyas raided the clinic, arrested the “specialist doctor” and his alleged accomplices and seized the medicine etc they used to treat their patients.

Manzoor and his assistants are alleged to have harmed more than 20 couples by their so-called fake `synchronised fertility with hormonal balancing” treatment at their clinic they advertised first as American Hospital and then as Fertility and Men`s Power Hospital, according to police.

His alleged victims claim he charged Rs50,000 for each session and in all Rs200,000 for resulting in damaged health but no child.

On the orders of Supreme Court on a complaint lodged by a victim police has taken this action.Public should be cautious about such fake health practitioners as they are widespread across Pakistan

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