Saturday, July 30, 2011

President of Supreme Court Bar Association Asma Jahangir asks govt to implement SC judgements

The Supreme Court Bar Association President, Asma Jehangir, has asked the government to implement the judgments passed by Supreme Court  and warned that otherwise the country would head towards lawlessness.
“I believe that when Supreme Court gives a decision, right or wrong, and if the govt is not implementing it, we are heading towards anarchy and lawlessness,”  she said while addressing the members of Peshawar High Court Bar Association here on Friday.
She visited Peshawar on the invitation of Malagary Wakeelan, affiliated with the Awami National party and was accompanied by member of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) from Sindh, Yaseen Azad.  PBC vice-chairman Abdul Lateef Afridi also delivered a speech.
She claimed that a day earlier a representative of the govt met her and explained her about the government’s point of view, but she told him in clear terms that if they had reservations over any orders of the court, they should put it before the court instead of making hue and cry outside.

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