Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is article 190 of the constitution of Pakistan?

Under Article 190, all executive and judicial authorities in Pakistan are bound to act in aid of the Supreme Court. The Constitution says that these authorities "shall act" in aid of the SC, thus leaving no other option but to get the apex court's orders implemented.
This leaves no room for disobeyance of any orders of Supreme Court by any authority and any disobeyance is unconstitutional.


  1. Is it applicable to the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

    1. Yes I according to my opinion, it will be applicable among all the authorities of Pakistan !!!

    2. It is applicable to Traitors like nawaz sharif, shabash sharif, saeed ahmed, ishaq darr, sana lullah, foozool lullh, perwaiz rashid, ahsan iqbal, saad rafque, mary yum yum, asif ali zardari, altaf hussain, and other bastards bleeding my country, and those who raise questions against the armed forces are truncots and traitors like yourself. Armed forces should eliminate these corrupt criminal mafia onece for all, it is the time now.