Friday, July 29, 2011

Supremacy of Parliament

It is not disputed but has been made disputed that whether Parliament is supreme or the constitution . Parliament is elected according to the laws, rules and procedures laid down in the constitution. It takes all its rights and authority from the constitution. All the members of the Parliament and executive take oath under the constitution and make resolve to uphold the constitution.
Parliament has no right to make any law against any clause of the constitution. there is no precedent of any such law existing and being enforced or they have not been annulled and their  annulment accepted.
If there is any ambiguity in the interpretation of the law , Supreme Court decides in that matter. That is custom and accepted procedure and laid down in the constitution and is not disputed.

Why there is so much hue and cry over actions taken by supreme Court against corrupt politicians. If somebody thinks he is innocent why is he afraid then. Our corrupt politicians in the government are trying their best to fail the judiciary in combating corruption and to uphold the basic rights of the people on one lame excuse or the other.
It has been learnt that Partners in the ruling coalition decided on Thursday to defend the ‘supremacy of parliament’ and not to back off on the crucial issue of the authority of the executive.
Are they ignorant about the constitution altogether or they are trying to hoodwink everybody so shamelessly. You decide yourself.

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