Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free traetment for Hepatitis patients: Hepatitis Programme KPK

The govt of KPK allocated Rs8 million for an awareness campaign in the province for free hepatitis treatment for two years (2009 and 2010) but the funds has lapsed as the health department failed to conduct a good campaign to inform the people that the patients suffering from these viruses could get free diagnostic and treatment facilities.

The KP govt had approved Rs500 million for the treatment of hepatitis C , of which Rs203 million was released for 2010 and Rs297 million for the current year 2011, but the health department has failed to register the patients for free treatment.

Officials said that an estimated 5 to 7 % population in the province had been suffering from hepatitis C and 3 to 5 Hepatitis B. They said that 12,815 patients had been provided treatment during the past 2 years while 16,000 were still waiting to get free treatment. Of them, 8,000 were registered in Peshawar and 8,000 in other districts of the province.

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