Sunday, July 17, 2011

Will CIA no longer operate from Shamsi airbase?

Pak Army has taken partial control of Shamsi airbase which was used by the CIA to operate drones, a national newspaper reported.
Sources told the paper that the matter remains between Pakistan and the UAE which had sought Shamsi facility for hunting of Houbara Bustard in 1992.
“Issue of the base remains between Pakistan and the UAE. A dialogue at civil and military level will shortly take place between the two brotherly countries,“ said the sources.
Secondly ISI Director General Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha visited the United States and had a meeting with his CIA counterpart and told him that Pakistan does not need military trainers anymore for counter-terrorism operations.
ISI chief General Pasha rejected the demand of CIA Acting Director Michael Morrel for resending a number of US military trainers whom Pakistan had sent back in the wake of US unilateral raid,without taking Pakistan a key ally into confidence in Abbotabbad on May 2 which resulted in distances between the two countries.

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