Monday, July 4, 2011

Military operation launched in Central Kurram

A military offensive has been launched against extremist savage Talibans in central tehsil of Kurram and residents have started leaving the area, sources revealed.
A senior official in Peshawar confirmed that a ‘full-fledged operation’ had been launched in the central area of the Agency on Sunday.
About ten days ago, the govt had notified eighty square kilometres of the area in central Kurram Agency as conflict zone.
Central Kurram is adjacent to Tora Bora, percieved stronghold of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Militants having lost their positions in Waziristan and other parts of Tribal areas and KPK have set up their sanctuaries in Central Kurram.
The sources further told that troops had been dropped from helicopters in Manato and Zaimukhet areas and army and paramilitary forces, backed by air force, have started a joint operation against the militants that have threatened the security,growth and survival of the nation and have huge damage to the country and innocent people of Pakistan.

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