Friday, July 1, 2011

Pak-Iran project’s gas not for domestic consumers,standing committee told

Briefing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources, Ejaz Chaudhry secretary told that gas from Pakistan-Iran pipelines will cost around Rs8.50/unit, which could be used for power generations(IPPs), industries and fertilizer companies.
He further told that govt had two options to meet the country’s growing gas/energy needs—either import or explore new petroleum resources to ensure availability of electricity and gas for the nation.
Secretary further added that Pak-Iran project would start supply from 2014 and “if it gets late, gas crisis would multiply.” About the LNG project, the secretary said progress was being made and sevevteen bidders had shown EOI in supply of energy and gas to Pakistan. The committee was informed that presently the country was facing a gas shortfall of 2.5 billion cubic feet against demand for 6 billion cubic feet. “If this situation continues, the gas loadshedding could be extended from 2 days to more than that,” he told.

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